Omni Strategy, LLC is a Maryland based MBE/DBE business professionally serving the transportation industry.

About Us

Omni Strategy, LLC is a Maryland based MBE/DBE business serving the transportation industry. Our teams bring expertise in solving complex challenges faced by transit agencies. We champion the client’s efforts by sharing their vision and mission to provide the best service to the riding customer, which is safe, clean, and reliable. For the number of years with our skills and abilities, we have provided customized solutions to various transit agencies and delivered our best work. Our highly competent staff include seasoned engineers and managers who have extensive experience working for transit agencies in various positions, rail and bus manufacturers, fleet O&M and sub- system suppliers. We share the change towards a more sustainable environment with our clients by helping them transition and achieve the goal for zero emissions. We have a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and it is the founding principle of our 40+ employee company.

Our core services are systems engineering and management consulting. For the Rail and Bus industry, we specialize in providing services in; vehicle/systems engineering, O&M, procurement, QA/QC inspections and system safety certification support, training and evaluation program development, and project management. We have a dedicated team of engineers working on zero emission transition programs both in Battery electric and Hydrogen Fuel cells technologies.




Omni Strategy, LLC Is Currently DBE And MBE Certified In The Following States:

Our Team

As our new start-up company continues to expand, we are adding new staff and capabilities – Our current staff mix includes Mechanical engineers, Vehicle O&M specialists, Vehicle system specialists, Quality engineer, Inspectors, Software Engineers, and Project Analyst. Our professionals bring a wealth of direct and relevant Rail/Bus Transit and Railroad related project experience and knowledge.

Our Staff mix includes seasoned engineers/managers and members who have significant experience on major projects with railcar builders, fleet O&M contractors, transit agency engineering/maintenance departments, vehicle subsystem suppliers, commuter railroads, and other private industry sectors. In addition, our industry reach-back capability includes on-call engineers and inspectors, many of whom are seasoned transit industry retired professionals – Provide highly experienced services/advice at competitive rates.

Balaji Krishnamurthy


Patrick Albright

Vice President/General Manager

Harpal Kapoor

Vice President, Advanced Bus Technology Programs

Christina Talbot

Operations Manager