Zero Emission/ Clean Energy Bus system

Bus Technology

Clean diesel and Hybrid systems

Our engineering team supports the bus fleets with various propulsion technologies like clean diesel, CNG, diesel- hybrid electric, battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells through the entire life cycle of 12 years or more. We offer the following core services:

  • Alternative fuel propulsion studies
  • Development of bus specifications for various propulsion technologies
  • Procurement support, RFP development and Program Management
  • Independent cost estimates (ICE)
  • Negotiations and contract selection and award
  • Bus build quality control and acceptance testing as per FTA requirements
  • Preventive maintenance, training, and safety program reviews
  • Bus operations & maintenance – standard operating procedures (SOP’s)
  • Develop reliability and condition-based bus maintenance programs
  • Data analytics and setting up and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for bus services
  • Data driven approach for development of mid-life overhaul and asset management program
  • Efficiency studies utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Warranty Management
  • Parts obsolescence
  • O&M third party contracting
  • Support for on-board ITS, Fare Collection, CCTV and CAD/AVL/AVM technologies

Zero Emission/ Clean Energy Bus System

Our team of experts are helping the transit agencies in transitioning to zero emission technology to reduce GHG emissions. The transit agencies have set an ambitious goal to transition from conventional to zero emission vehicles (ZEV’s) by 2035-2040.

However, the zero-emission technology has some early challenges for ZEV’s as limited range, extra charging time, complicated utility and electricity rate structures, higher hydrogen fuel costs, and limited availability of hydrogen fuel. Added to that the higher capital costs for zero emission vehicles and challenging facilities upgrades to scale up the operation from 5 to 10 pilot buses to a fleet of 200 buses or more.

We help mitigate the technology implementation risks by offering the following core services to support the zero-emission transition and scaling up:

  • Sharing lessons learned from other deployments
  • Technology and policy research
  • Research for grant funding
  • Feasibility studies for unique duty cycle of the transit agency
  • Data driven decisions with route a modeling tool for estimating the fleet size and developing the charging profile for the fleet with both on-route and depot charging
  • Cost/ benefit analysis of on-route vs depot charging
  • Hydrogen fueling station sizing based on modeling tool’s output
  • Research and cost/ benefit analysis of hydrogen fuel supply with gas or liquid deliveries
  • Cost analysis for various on-site hydrogen production processes utilizing electrolysis, steam methane reforming, and bioethanol process
  • Input data for the design of facilities and charging/ fueling stations
  • Pilot testing, evaluation, and validation of zero emission vehicles and related infrastructure
  • Continuity of operation and fleet plan for scaled up operations
  • Life cycle support for PM programs and mid-life overhaul
  • Gap analysis for training needs in the areas of safety, O&M and develop a change management strategy
Our team of experts have number of years of successful experience working on various bus related projects in the country. We bring a unique expertise in the implementation of alternative fuel and zero emission technologies. We are thought leaders and subject matter experts in the emerging technologies. We will be your trusted partner in developing a successful strategy and roadmap in the seamless planning and deployment of various bus technologies.