Quality Assurance

Whether it is collaboration and leadership from the strategic thoughts and visions of our teams, united with essential elements from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) QMS plan (for the successful implementation of projects) – or the quality essentials covered by various agencies…the question remains clear: How can we successfully, efficiently, and continuously improve a product and/or a service for our clients?

Omni’s team maintains Quality Assurance programs by providing clear observations, accurate reporting, and concise recommendations to management. Omni also takes pride in the planning, execution, reporting, and presenting timely follow-up of our completed audits, thus presenting our clients with incremental and/or breakthrough improvements.

Representing clients on-site or remotely, we consistently provide quality assurance/quality control, documentation evaluation, cost control and time management related services

  • Perform on-site compliance inspections, quality assurance and progress monitoring, and audit/compliance reviews for various construction projects, all while consistently sustaining conformance to specifications and codes.
  • Management of Quality Control Plans for success on assigned construction projects
  • Create, review and amend Project Quality Plans to keep them current and to ensure compliance in all respects with the contract/s, and established standards & specifications.

The fifteen Quality Elements

  1. Management Responsibility
  2. Documented Quality Management System
  3. Design Control
  4. Document Control
  5. Purchasing
  6. Product Identification and Traceability
  7. Process Control
  8. Inspection and Testing
  9. Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment
  10. Inspection and Test Status
  11. Nonconformance
  12. Corrective Action
  13. Quality Records
  14. Quality Audits
  15. Training.

Omni focuses our concentration on playing a key role in the successful modernization of public transportation, and passenger rail services; from the quality of the design, details of the construction process, or the repair and overhaul of a vital maintenance facility – the Omni Strategy team is dedicated towards forming a lasting and positive impact on all public sector projects for our clients.