Transit Asset Management Services

In order to comply with FTA’s Transit Asset Management (TAM) requirements, we provide services for the life cycle of the capital assets including rolling stock and facilities. We also help transit industry in continuous improvements of processes and operations by eliminating waste and streamlining processes by utilizing Lean Six Sigma Methodology.

Omni Strategy team can help your agency in making informed business decisions for all your asset management related needs. The key services include:

  • Create and manage asset inventory.
  • Defining asset performance goals, measures, KPI’s and maintenance management plans
  • Develop and manage scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) program and mid-life overhaul
  • Asset management program for facilities and bus garages
  • Asset failure data analysis and reporting
  • Capital programming budget and grant application support
  • TAM Reporting and dashboard analytics
  • Develop and manage life Cycle management plan
  • Maintenance management tool (Maximo) implementation and training program